In THAT Stage

DSC_0794 copy small

Ethan has hit THAT stage. Its one that I have always dreaded, and have always hated with all 3 kids. The “I’mgivingupmynapeventhoughIstillreallyneedit” stage. Its terrible. And I must say, Ethan is winning the battle. He has worn me down to the point that most days it is easier to just ignore nap time than to start the fight.

However, when I do that either the above (picture) happens, or by 7pm he and I are both so ornery that I just put him to bed. I’m trying to persevere through this stage because both girls did this and then eventually gave up the fight and returned to naps for another 6 months to a year. I’m not sure I have that much fight in me though, we’ll see.


One comment

  1. Lacey McKay · October 16, 2010

    Oh yeah, that is definitely the worst! We went through that all of last year with Abbey. She’s finally past! Thank goodness! Cool pic though! Did you see I’m going to start doing a photo a day?

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