I thought I would share a few things about Ethan. He’s almost 2 1/2 and changing so much, and even though he is a wild and crazy little boy (and a very difficult one at that) I don’t want to forget any of it.

DSC_0047 copy small

E – energy. He almost never runs out of it. Never.

T – tag along. And I don’t mean this is a negative way. I mean this in a excited way. Ethan LOVES to be with is sisters. He wants to be with them all the time. He doesn’t play Barbie’s with them or anything, but if they are playing he wants to be right there with them.

DSC_0062 copy small

H – happy. He really is a happy kid. (But if he doesn’t like something he will most definitely let you know.) Lately he’s really found his sense of humor, of course its totally boy humor. Burp around him and he gets the giggles, when he makes a stinky diaper – well, he finds that very funny. Seriously.

DSC_0063 copy small

A – awesome. Having a son is seriously awesome. And I really do look at him at least once a day and am amazed at how lucky I am to have him. In my opinion he is the cutest, smartest, funniest, and possibly craziest kid there is.

N – naughty. This makes me giggle. I don’t really think he’s naughty. Challenging? Yes. Naughty…no. He’s just 2. But thankfully lately there have been little things that are signaling to me that he is slowing down and catching on to consequences. (Thank you!)

DSC_0051 copy small

And one more thing I have to share. It is definitely a thing I don’t want to forget, although Natalie would love to forget I am sure. Ethan is talking more and more each day and about a month ago he learned the word “brother.” His sisters (especially Natalie) call him “brother” instead of his name sometimes and for some reason he’s attached “brother” to his sister Natalie. He calls her “brother!” It drives her CRAZY. When she gets out of the car in the morning he screams, “My brother!” And when she gets home from school he says, “Hey brother.” Even when we show him a picture of the family and you ask him the names of everyone in the picture he names everyone right until he gets to Natalie. When we point to Natalie and say “Who’s that?” he’ll quickly say… “My brother!” What a funny kid.


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