Just the Way You Are

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This boy of mine is something special. I can’t necessarily pin point what exactly makes him so wonderful, but I know that he is. Maybe its the parent in me dotting on my child, but honestly, I believe he is destined for great things. Maybe its even me telling myself all his restless energy and stubbornness will have a great purpose one day – just to make myself feel better. Whatever it is, I am not changing my mind.

I do struggle with Ethan. He’s been my most difficult child as far as behavior in public goes. But,  boy do I love this kid. I love that when he wakes up in the morning slowly walks around the house and when he finds me he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and gestures for a kiss. I love that he misses his sisters when they are at school. I love that he can sing, and picks up the words to most any song after hearing it once. I love how he says “okay” every time you ask him to do something (although that doesn’t mean he is really in agreement!). I love his little boy obsessions – cars, trucks, trains, space shuttles, dinosaurs, dragons, etc.  I love how when he sits on my lap he insists that my arms be around him.  I even love the traits that make him difficult because I can see that those traits could serve him well in the future (okay, not the hitting thing, but that is improving).

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I am finding this time in his childhood now magical. Watching him understand and take in the world around him is nothing short of awesome. I want to freeze time, I want him to always be my little boy. I want to stop the process of growing up and just stay in this place with him forever.

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Basically, what I’m trying to say is:

“Ethan, I love you just the way you are.

Love, Mom {XOXO}”


One comment

  1. Barbara · October 27, 2010

    I love Ethan just the way he is too 🙂 especially when he wants me to snuggle him, he is just adorable!

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