Good Things Come in {small} Packages

Not THAT small package – that the saying infers – but a relatively small package arrived at our house today from Nana. I knew it contained many Halloween treats and other goodies, but what it really contained was 2 hours of happiness and contentment from my children.

DSC_0772 copy small

I made them go slow. One thing at a time, look at it, read it, see it, even taste it before moving on. Ethan noticed the car/truck right away (I’m not even sure what it is…b/c I can’t see it well in this picture and he had it all night and its even in bed with him but apparently I didn’t take a good look at it).

DSC_0796 copy small

See? We couldn’t get him to move on to his next item. He was all about the car/truck (although in this shot I’m thinking its a truck.)

DSC_0801 copy small

Candy is always a good distraction!

  DSC_0783 copy small DSC_0807 copy copy

To end the festivities they all sat and read their new Halloween books. Well, Bella read hers, the others looked at them until I put away the camera and read to them. Then the girls spent the next little while using their new stickers to create Halloween pictures all while Ethan…played with his truck/car.

Thanks Nana for a fun afternoon activity. And Nana, just so you know their favorite thing was the Taco Bell gift card. I told them I’d take them there on Friday when they’re off school. Such funny kids to be so excited about a tortilla rolled up with melted cheese, I’ve tried making them for them at home and they insist it isn’t the same (probably because at home it doesn’t come with a lemonade or a toy). I’ll have to take a picture of them in their Halloween shirts for you too.

*Edited to add: I decided to look up the phrase, “Good things come in small packages” just to be certain of its intended meaning. I always thought it was talking about small boxes that held diamond rings, necklaces…you know those king of “good” things. Apparently the origin comes from babies being born…and this certain isn’t about THAT kind of small package either. 🙂


One comment

  1. Barbara · October 28, 2010

    Okay not that I am great with car/truck things but growing up right next to a sand and gravel pit I would say that the car/truck thing is a payloader. This would be more under the category of heavy machinery rather then transportation device 🙂 I love how his loves his toys!

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