Giving Thanks Part II

So its day 2, and just a coincidence, I HAVE 2 things that I found to be thankful for today. Wait – let me say, there is always more than 1 reason for me to be thankful each day, I know. For blogging purposes I am trying to pick something that really stands out. Today there were 2. I figured I’d save one for tomorrow, but then I realized I already knew I’d have one for tomorrow. So here it goes.

#1: DSC_0936 copy

I voted. Each and every time I have the opportunity to use my right to vote I feel thankful.  I also feel a sense of pride in our country, I get all kinds of patriotic.  I love to take my kids with me to vote. In the last Presidential Election we got our kids up early (as in we were at the polling place before 7am) and brought them all with us. It lead to a lot of questions about what we were doing and why. Today I just ad Ethan and Natalie with me, but I love bringing them because it teaches them the importance of voting and to take an interest in our government.

So, today I am thankful for my right to vote. I voted, and I wear my sticker with pride.

#2:DSC_0958 copy small DSC_0959 copy small

Today we are jumping for joy in gratitude for the rain! It didn’t rain at all in October. We needed it! Natalie was begging to put on her rain boots and jump in the puddles. She splashed all the way to the bus stop and when we came home and found another big puddle right in front of the house she and Bella begged to stay out and splash. Natalie opted to ditch the boots after that because Bella didn’t have any.

And in addition to being thankful for the rain I saw a weather report that said our temperatures are to plummet. If it happens then the weather might make another appearance in my gratitude posts.


One comment

  1. Barbara · November 3, 2010

    I love those girls and the fact that I got to vote to. Ella kept asking me what I was doing while I was voting and when we left she started to cry and said how she wanted to vote again. Although it came out as ” I want to boat again!” since her v’s sound like b’s.

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