A day late but still grateful.

Okay, I never got this posted last night. I’ll make it quick because I’m already ready to do today’s post.

Yesterday, Thursday November 4th, I was grateful for Isabella and how well she’s doing in school. This actually could have been added to Tuesday’s post, but I decided to save it. I went to her parent/teacher conference Tuesday night with her teacher and was more than pleased to hear the things the teacher had to say about her.

Last year we worried about her in school.  She seemed to take some giant steps backwards after our mid-year move. This summer we tried to work hard to catch her up but even that was a struggle as she just wanted to play and have fun. But apparently sometime between the struggles and now she’s not only caught up but surpassed where she needs to be. And while her success level in school has nothing to do with my love, joy or even pride in her as a mother it makes me happy to see her succeed.

But, what made me even more happy and maybe even a tad more proud of her was hearing some of the good deeds she does in class. How she helps others with the class work they don’t understand and how she’s always looking out for and thinking of others. She is such a gem. I have thought many times, “What would I do without my Bella?” and I got the feeling that maybe her teacher has thought the same thing during this school year.

Its great to see another adult appreciate your child as much as you do.


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