Today it was simple to know what I was going to post. Today I am thankful for this smile:

DSC_0978 copy small

…because yesterday that smile was gone. She was one sick little girl with a vicious 24 hour flu. This morning she woke up much more perky, happy and hungry. About mid morning I came around the corner to find this:

DSC_0974 copy small 

It made me smile, one of those big smiles. She was playing.  She was dressed up, with a flower placed in an awkward spot on her head, she was imagining, she was eating, she was being herself. What a relief.

DSC_0976 copy small

Today I am grateful that she feels better, and cautiously optimistic that all our hand washing, house sanitizing, and quarantining worked and no one else will get it over the weekend.



  1. Bridget · November 5, 2010

    What a pretty girl.. Glad she’s feeling better 🙂

  2. Barbara · November 9, 2010

    She is adorable and I am so glad that she wasn’t sick for too long!

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