The Sun, My Son

I started this post last Friday, maybe Saturday – I can’t remember. But I know I have missed 2 days of posting and I’m not supposed to do that this month. Whoops. So let me think…what was I thankful for those days?

SATURDAY: This day I was grateful for an evening away. I was grateful to have had the chance to walk slowly holding the hand of my sweetheart, to eat dinner without asking someone to be quiet and just eat what they had (lol), and to go to a movie (lets just say it had been a while). I was grateful that when we came home from that evening away it seemed that our kids had had just as much fun as we had and they can’t wait until we can do it again. (Me either.)

SUNDAY: This was a busy day. But on Sunday I was grateful for my husband and all that he does. I could gush on and on and go into detail, but my husband doesn’t need that, he just needs to know that I am grateful – because I am.

Today – well today I am going to talk about my son. Recently Isabella has been noticing the difference between words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Eye and I. Way and weigh. Hi and high. Sun and son.

Friday morning I got Ethan dressed in long jeans and a long sleeved shirt. We had had a cold front here in Florida that was very welcome and one of the reasons was so that I could pull out my much loved fall wardrobe. Ethan looked especially cute – and totally handsome. So I got out the camera, handed him a football (he needs something to occupy him b/c he’s certainly not about to sit still for my camera, I know this) and we went outside. And when I got the pictures on my computer I thought again about Bella’s discovery. Sun and son. Son and sun.

Ethan is my son and in many ways he is also my sun. He brightens my day. Every day, difficult or not. He warms my heart and warms my soul. Before I had him I never knew I needed him, but now that I do I realize my days would be completely dark without him. I love this kid. I am thankful for him.

DSC_0980 copy small

  Hehe…doesn’t his crazy hair make you laugh? He’d been wearing a hat all morning, and his hair doesn’t even really respond to water, unless you’re washing it…so for now, we live with that, and it is so cute!

DSC_0987 copy 

I love the above picture. Why? Its not anything that fantastic, I know. But look, his diaper is sticking out. Its a little bit of the baby in him that is quickly changing. A diaper is about the last baby thing he has (that and his blue blankey, which if he’s like his sisters he’ll still sleep with it at 7). I am hoping to and planning on potty training in the coming months. I’m not keeping him in diapers to keep him a baby, I haven’t postponed potty training one bit, but I sure think his diaper is cute in this picture.

DSC_0990 copy

He is such a boy!

DSC_1005 copy small

And, I’m sorry, I’ve got to say it again. I. Love. Him.



  1. Barbara · November 9, 2010

    I love him too! You are right he does look adorable in his Fall cloths 🙂 Can tell I’m just catching up on checking the blogs that I follow?

  2. Rebecca Torres · November 9, 2010

    I love this last picture of him. It seems as though he’s pondering his future! And yes, he is a sweet, adorable little boy!!!

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