Way Behind and a Bit Confused

Ah! So I don’t have any pictures to post. The days have been busy – sorry, but I wanted to continue my “I’m thankful fors.” Then I came to see what I had done last and I got all kinds of confused b/c I didn’t think I was that behind, or had missed that many days among them all. But I’m going to catch up on yesterday and today.

So yesterday – THURSDAY – I was thankful for my kid’s teachers. Natalie has a fabulous teacher. She’s sweet as can be, funny and Natalie just loves her. Natalie loves to go to school in big part because she loves her teacher. On Saturday’s she often begs me to jut take her to school, even though I try to explain that no one will even be there.

Isabella also has a fabulous teacher. To be honest we were a bit skeptical as the year began. At meet the teacher we didn’t get a lot of time with her so we just didn’t know. But as the school year as gone on we’ve been more and more impressed with her. The latest thing was that she has arranged a separate reading group in another classroom for Isabella and a couple other students from her class who are ahead of the rest of the class so they can continue to improve. She could have just let them be the top of the class and not worried about them improving since they’re already technically ahead, but no – she is providing them the opportunity to continue to grow. I love that. I love that she recognized they had the need and then found a way to provide for it. Like I said, she’s fabulous.

Today. Today I am grateful for energy. I’ve been totally tired all week, it could be my kids visiting my bed in the middle of the night a little too often. Last night we had a talk with the kids about how they don’t need to be coming into our bed every night. It worked, well, until 5am, but that wasn’t as bad. So with an early bedtime last night and a longer uninterrupted sleep I feel a whole lot better today and even had the energy to clean the garage (it needed it), and finally folded the laundry that has been washed since Monday. 


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