Grown Up Christmas List

DSC_1840 copy 

I love this picture that I snapped of the girls interacting with Santa this year. I love his face and how intent he is on hearing them and enthralled with whatever it was they were telling him at the time. He was a great “Santa.” Thankfully my girls are still enchanted by the magic that is “Santa Claus.” I say thankfully because I am not ready for that to change, and yet I fear it will happen all too quickly, especially for Isabella who is now pushing 7 year old.

Who knows if this will be the last year she believes or not, but something did change this year, their Christmas wish lists. I don’t know they just seemed more Grown Up to me. They aren’t quite the grown up Christmas lists that Amy Grant sings of, but we have moved on from asking for Barbie’s, baby dolls or the newest and biggest toy. 

This year Bella keeps saying that she is asking for a cell phone, an iPod, and books. (Good thing she doesn’t know about a Kindle or she might ask for one of those.) And Natalie? Well, she has said for about 2 weeks that she just wants to be surprised.  But,after visiting Santa she said she did tell him she wanted another Tinkerbelle Book, that’s it. 

About 2 weeks ago I asked them  if there was any toy they could think of that they were really wanting or hoping for and they couldn’t think of anything. Nothing. Usually they oh and awe over every precisely placed television ad, not this year. I am hoping that their lack of long frivolous lists show contentment in what they have. Whatever it is, it is nice because they haven’t spent their time (so far) pining over what they hope Santa will give them, but rather we’ve talked a lot about what Christmas is really about – love, kindness, charity and the little baby born in a manger.


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