My House with a Different Perspective

All these pictures are shot with my Droid Retro Camera. Its a little addicting because I have the thing everywhere. Anthony even commented that he’s seen me take more pictures lately with the Droid than my actual cameras. This might be true of my own children but I’ve been doing lots of shoots with other families and I assure you they were not done with the Droid.

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. Its hard work but I love the results. I did make a status update on Facebook saying that it looks like Christmas threw up in my house – and maybe it does, a little. But I love for every bit of the house to have a touch of Christmas.  It makes me happy and adds to the magic for me.

So here are my droid retro camera’s views of my house’s decked halls.

shot_1291143390907 shot_1290816288734

shot_1290968622438 shot_1291143286809

shot_1291143332693 shot_1291143303286

shot_1291067529866 shot_1291143354490

shot_1291143374197 shot_1291127881715

shot_1291143490566 shot_1291143521387


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