Technology is great!

Years ago when I got a birthday card or package from my grandparents I would open it and call them later to say thank you. We lived far away from both sets of Grandparents so it was unusual (if it even ever happened) that they would be there to watch me get excited over whatever they had sent. Today technology changes that for our kids and for their grandparents.

DSC_2846 copy small

A package arrived at our door step today. I knew it was coming because Nana had told me she had sent Bella a birthday package. Nana asked if Bella could open it early so that she could wear some of her presents for her birthday and also so that Nana would be home from work to Skype while Bella opened her gifts. So we set it up, and Nana got to be apart of the whole thing.

DSC_2851 copy small

Nana got to hear Bella reading the birthday card aloud.

DSC_2906 copy small

She was apart of the chaos and excitement as each present was opened.

DSC_2917 copy small

And she got to see the joy on Bella’s face when she saw a new blue sparkly scarf. She was right there, apart of every minute.

Technology is great!


One comment

  1. Barbara · December 8, 2010

    I love that! If we ever more away from my parents we totally need to get them to do this with us. I hope Bella liked everything 🙂

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