Rocket Man

Ever since our trip to the space center in October Ethan has been obsessed with Space Ships and Rockets. We have several launches a day complete with the countdown, blast off, and sound effects. This morning I was reminded there would be a rocket launch and so I was sure to take Ethan outside to see his first launch. 

DSC_2959 copy small 

Knowing the rocket would appear very small I had Ethan bring his space ship out so that we could talk about space ships and such so that he would be more likely to understand what we were doing. His spaceship had many lift offs in the 5 minutes we waited outside to see the real thing.

DSC_2964 copy small

When the actual lift off happened it took a minute for him to find it. It was a rocket so it was literally a tiny speck of light from our view point. Once it had a smoke trail he knew what he was seeing and got all excited.

DSC_3019 copy small

He took off down the street after the rocket. Then he decided that his needed to lift off again too.

DSC_3006 copy small

“Look Mama, BLAST-OFF!”

DSC_3012 copy small 

We were cutting it close to having to leave to get Natalie from school. He got very upset when it was time to say good-bye to the rocket. By then it was just the trail anyway, but he cried about it all the way to the school.

DSC_3031 copy small

Maybe someday he’ll blast-off real rockets into space.

DSC_2969 small



  1. Sherry · December 8, 2010

    O I love him!!!!!! That is adorable 🙂

  2. Barbara · December 8, 2010

    Yeah I’m so happy he got to see it. You are such a good mom! I love the pictures of him with the rocket in the background 🙂

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