We Rock!

…around the tree that is.

DSC_3054 copy small

My kids love music. Put it on and they’ll be shaking their little booties all around the house.

Christmas music is a family favorite. When we turn it on, we turn it on loud. 

DSC_3078 copy small

Because when its loud we let go of all our inhibitions, and we really DANCE.

DSC_3095 copy small

This girl has moves!

DSC_3104 copy small

DSC_3162 copy

I love these three kiddos of mine, and I love the JOY they bring – always but, especially at Christmas time.

P.S. A side not on the pictures. I had a little fun with them in editing, and I used a little bit different settings that I typically do. B/c my tree is in front of the window it blocks a lot of the great light I get in that room, and so in order to get faster shutter speeds I upped my ISO to pretty high – that accounts for the grain in my pics. BUT then I choose to keep my shutter speed a little slow to get some movement in some of the pictures (see pic 1). I used a Florabella action “Glam” on them just for fun. My only regret is that I didn’t pull down my ISO in the last pic. I love it, but hate the grain. Shooting directly at the window I could have pulled it down, but I forgot. Darn it.


One comment

  1. Barbara · December 12, 2010

    I love that picture of Bella!!! She totally has the moves 🙂

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