A Very Mickey Christmas

DSC_0148 copy

Yesterday we spent the entire day – that means 15 full hours with 4 adults, 4 children, rain, clouds and even a tiny bit of sun – at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It was kind of the kick off to our Christmas week. Nana came and brought with her Aunt Krystal and cousin Sammy for his first visit to Florida. For Christmas Nana took the kids to to Magic Kingdom for a day, we tagged along to help out and have a little fun of our own.

DSC_0164 copyDSC_0151 copy 

We hadn’t met Woody before when we’ve been to the parks – Ethan was awe struck to meet one of his favorite movie characters. Sammy thought the characters were really cool.

DSC_0190 copy 

Nana brought the kids matching t-shirts so they could look cute in pictures together. Unfortunately it rained all morning so you couldn’t see them in many of the pictures but shortly after lunch the sun peaked out for a few minutes and we snapped a few pictures. (Even though we were sad about the rain it really helped out with crowds, the lines were non-existent all morning.)

DSC_0203 copy  DSC_0216 copy

A trip to the Disney isn’t complete without meeting the big guy himself. We lucked out because the line was only 15 minutes (before when we’ve gone its been over an hour at Magic Kingdom) AND because Minnie was with Mickey. They told us she only pops in every once in a while, we were glad to catch her. She even gave Sammy a kiss! (And visiting them gave us a good opportunity for a whole group shot.)

DSC_0221 copy

To end the day we had great seats right in front of Cinderella’s castle for the light parade and fireworks. Although, during the light parade fog set in and we couldn’t see the fireworks. We could see the sky light up and hear the booms – but there were no fireworks to be seen! Even the castle sort of disappeared in the fog.

DSC_0291 copy

Luckily I had snapped a few pictures of Cinderella’s Castle before that happened.

 DSC_0295 copy 

And if the kids are really lucky (and good for another 6 days) SANTA may just deliver a little more Mickey Christmas.


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