Why I Love the Beach


When we first moved her I had never really experienced the ocean. In fact Anthony and I had many Lake vs.. Ocean discussions in which I was adamant that LAKES were better. I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes – so lakes were a big part of my childhood summers. But, one visit to the ocean last year in November and Anthony had won the argument. No question. It is now one of my favorite places to be, and ways to spend my time.

I especially love to take people there for the first time (in a long time OR, even better, their very first time). This Friday we took my nephew to see the ocean for the very first time. We only intended to play on the sand, not swim, but the water was too inviting, the kids were having too much fun and before we could stop them they were in to their waists, ice cold water and all.

DSC_0033 copy2

I love the beach because no matter how many times you see it when you get your first glimpse of it your heart can’t help but skip a beat. It always takes my breath away. The vastness of it, the sounds, the smells, the beauty. It amazes me time and time again and I’ve yet to bring someone who doesn’t experience the same emotions.

DSC_0043 copy

I love the beach because of the joy in my kids faces when we are there. The laughter, the squeals…

DSC_0058 copy

…the endless possibilities created by their imaginations.

DSC_0066 copy

I love it because there is something about the ocean that inspires one to run and jump without care into every wave.

DSC_0126 copy

It is a place of beauty, a place of wonder – in is in a word, enchanting.

DSC_0102 copy


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