Christmas Part I – Ethan

(So our Christmas day has about 3 stories I want to share and if I put them all into one post it would be too much, so I am breaking our Christmas day up into 3 parts.)

I got up early on Christmas morning to shower and get make-up on before the kids got up (because we had plans to leave shortly after opening presents, this was not a vanity thing b/c since I control the pictures I’m not in them…it works nicely that way). I must have been excited because even though I had stayed up until 1am I woke up before my alarm at 5:45am. When I got up I turned on the Christmas tree lights in preparation for the kids to be up so they could SEE that Santa had indeed arrived.

Around 6:15 I was just finishing up my make-up and I started to hear some noises from the play room (where the tree and presents were). I knew exactly who it was. Ethan. He received a train table and set from Anthony’s dad and we hadn’t wrapped it. We had joked that he probably wouldn’t even wake us up, he’d just see it and want to play with it immediately. That is exactly what happened. Even when Anthony and I came out he didn’t even act as if he’d done something he wasn’t supposed to, or found something new, he just acted as if it were a toy that had always been there…and he didn’t stop playing with it for a whole 2 hours – he didn’t even want to open any other presents.

Here he is as we caught him right as we walked out:

DSC_4060 copy small


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  1. Amy · December 27, 2010


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