Christmas Part II – The Girls

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Christmas morning as I posted in my last post, Ethan was the first of the kids up. We let him play for a good 20 minutes before we couldn’t stand it anymore and went to wake up the girls. We assumed they would run into the room and immediately head to their presents (especially the one BIG Santa one in the corner), but that isn’t quite how it happened.

Natalie was the first to get there and her eyes got wide as I thought they would, but what she said surprised me. I thought I’d hear a “oh my gosh! Look at that big present!” – or something along those lines, but instead she said, “Mom! You put out the present I made you and Dad! I want you to open it!”

She ran to the tree and got the gift she’d made, complete with homemade wrapping paper and was bursting with excitement for us to open it. It was a poem with her hand prints on it and a picture of her in a wreath frame. Then Bella ran out of the room and returned with a present she had made for Anthony. It was a book she’d written for him about spaceships, and she insisted we sit and read it right away. So, she read it aloud to him. Then they remembered they’d gone shopping for both Anthony and I and wanted to give those gifts. Earrings, a frame, and a Kindle cover later they remembered they’d bought gifts for each other and for their brother so those were quickly retrieved and exchanged complete with laughs, smiles, oh’s and ahs, and a thank you or two. They had then been there in front of the tree for more than 30 minutes and they had yet to even check out the gifts there for them.

It was very touching for me to see that they had forgotten about themselves and thought more of others. I think I will remember that about this Christmas for many years to come.


One comment

  1. Danielle · January 29, 2011

    That’s awesome! You have such sweet children!

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