Christmas Part III – The BIG One


For months Anthony and I, I mean SANTA, has been planning a BIG surprise for our family. We decided that our kids and family would get one collective gift from the big guy this year – but it was going to be REALLY big. I was a bit giddy about it when we actually bought it about a week ago. Neither one of us could hardly wait for SANTA to arrive to give it to them. But first he (SANTA) had a little trick up his sleeve. We had been telling the kids that Santa had called us and said he was working on a BIG gift for the entire family, but that if he did that there wouldn’t be any other Santa gifts. We wanted to be certain they wouldn’t be expecting a lot of things to open and then be disappointed. But, of course, they were fine and excited about the idea. They had no idea what this BIG family gift could be, and we of course tried to keep up the suspense by telling them it was something really difficult to do and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get it together for us. So Christmas morning came and there in the corner by the tree was a BIG box! It was the last thing we opened after all the grandparent and cousin gifts, and okay Santa had a few other things as well…all of which coordinated with the final gift.

DSC_4117 copy small

They were excited when they first started but…

DSC_4121 copy small

when they realized another wrapped package was inside the excitement began to build.

DSC_4124 copy small

Then there was another and…

DSC_4128 copy small


DSC_4131 copy smal

And another still. They were laughing and squealing the entire time.

DSC_4133 copy small

Ethan even stopped playing with his trains to see what all the commotion was about.

DSC_4135 copy small

Six boxes in all, all fit neatly inside one another…

DSC_4137 copy small

And the final present was tiny…but what on earth was it? They really weren’t sure.

DSC_4138 copy small

So Daddy let them in on a little secret…

DSC_4140 copy small

It was Disney ANNUAL passes! Now they can go as many times as they want in the next year!

DSC_4142 copy small

There was dancing and jumping and more and more squealing.

And so….

DSC_0084 copy

we went, that very day, to Animal Kingdom.

DSC_0076 copy

We rode the safari, the train, saw the Lion King show and walked some trails. We even met Rafiki. And when 3 o’clock came around and the crowds were building we decided to go the kids weren’t sure they wanted to leave…but we promised we’d go back on Monday because after all, thanks to the magic of SANTA we can. It was a very MICKEY Christmas and its going to be a VERY Mickey 2011. And I must say, as sweet as they are…my kids deserve it. (Okay…so Ethan could work a little on his sweetness – at least consistently, but he gets a pass because he’s only 2.)


One comment

  1. megan · December 27, 2010

    What a great gift!!! You had me in suspense… love the nesting boxes… I will have to remember that one!!

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