This is the first post of 2011. Half way through the first month and I just NOW posting.

THAT was not the plan.

The plan was to post AT LEAST once a week, but more like 3 times a week. But, I have been busy and time has been slipping away. I realized yesterday that despite the fact that I’ve taken pictures of my own kids this year I haven’t even DOWNLOADED them. Even when I am not posting on my blog that is not like me. So today I’m repenting. I’m starting again, re-beginning the new year, and re-committing to keeping up this blog. Because, no matter how busy I am its more important to record my children’s life – to make time to do that. And although all that I’ve been busy with is good – great, actually – I need to make time to prioritize. I asked Anthony how I can accomplish all I’ve set out to this year he reminded me to remember what is most important, and do it all in that order, and it will all fall into place.

So, here are a few pictures to go with the goal….lets see if I can keep it. 🙂

DSC_4432 copy DSC_4464 copy small DSC_4474 copy small

P.S. I just realized that these pictures were taken 2 weeks ago in my effort to “restart” last year’s goal of taking a picture of my kids every Sunday. Obviously I’ve done well…these are the only Sundays I have for the 3 Sundays of the year so far. I am just a mess.


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