Number Nine

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Today was our 9th visit to Disney World since “Santa” left our passes on Christmas morning. (You had better bet I’m keeping track, I want to be sure we get all we can out of them.) I think its safe to say that “Santa” left us the best present possible for our family. It has been so much fun to just pop in for a few hours on a Friday night instead of sitting at home. AND we’ve even managed a trip or two where we didn’t spend any money (except the gas it took to get there). Today we went for almost an entire day. The kids hadn’t spent much time at Hollywood Studios, except for a 2 hour trip we made there for a family night the Monday after Christmas. So we headed out to show them what was there.

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One of our goals today was to get to ride Toy Story Mania.  When we’ve been there in the past (Anthony and I on my birthday and then the Monday night as a family) this ride has had 2+ hour waits, and no fast passes available. We arrived at the park at opening and the wait was already almost an hour and the fast passes were for 1-2 in the afternoon. We opted for the fast passes. We always joke that the rides that we’ve had a hard time getting on will probably be disappointing, but this one was not. We all agreed it was our favorite of the day and that it topped the Buzz Light Year ride at Magic Kingdom….now hopefully we can ride it again in the coming year.

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The best part of having these passes is the memories we are creating.  Of course, there would be memories without the passes, but it seems to have given us more family time where we’re all focusing on the same thing rather than being at home involved in our individual things. I do wonder though if after 365 days of Disney if we’ll be sick of it. Maybe…but then again, maybe not.

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The picture above is from Disney (EPCOT) on Tuesday. My brother Mike was here on business so we were able to take him out for an afternoon with us. We love visitors…and we’re hoping to be able to have more visitors over the year and to make some Disney memories with them too.


One comment

  1. Aunt Debbie · January 23, 2011

    Never too much Disney. You are so LUCKY!

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