My Bella

DSC_8556 copy2

You may remember that I am working on a little project. When mine all comes together I’ll post it, but if you’re wondering the what it is check out my photography blog ( and find THIS post. It will explain it more, and show you an example of what I did with my sister’s family.

But, enough about that…lets talk about my Bella.

What on earth do I say about my Bella? She has one of the sweetest most precious spirits there is. So thoughtful, so caring, so genuine. She is so in tune with others thoughts and needs. She is helpful, and selfless. She is practically the second mom in our house. We ask a lot of her at times, maybe too much, but she does it all without complaint. She is such a great older sister. I am so glad that she came first. Her younger sister and brother sure have a good example in her and I think she is just what they need. She certainly is the child her dad and I needed and prayed for.

I can’t believe she is 7 – Time. Stop. Now. But, I know it won’t, and in some ways I don’t want it to because I think she is going to be one amazing adult.

Oh, did I mention she’s lost a few teeth? (and still totally beautiful)

DSC_8571 copy2


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