Ethan and Ella

DSC_9040 copy

This is Ethan and his (girl)friend Ella.

If it were my choice (and why isn’t it?) I’d make sure he married her. She’s so sweet and cute. And, I know she’d be good for him because she has endured his hitting phase over the past 9 months and still likes him.

She stayed the night at our house the other day so her parents could go out – I noticed them playing so nicely together at the train table so as soon as I could I grabbed my camera and tried to capture just how cute they are. But, I waited a bit to long as the light was gone and most turned out blurry because the shutter speeds were far too low for two 2 year olds. Oh well. At least maybe I got one for their wedding slideshow! 🙂


One comment

  1. Barbara · March 20, 2011

    Ella loved looking at this with me 🙂 Thanks again fro taking them, it made for a great birthday!

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