Spring Break 2011

DSC_0242 copy

Spring Break started this past Friday. I love that our school district works in a day off the Friday before Spring Break so we get 10 full days off. I sure needed a break from the routine. The first order of Spring Break was to pick up Nana from the airport and the second – was to get to the pool as soon as possible. Soon the pool will be a daily stop for us.

 DSC_0251 copy DSC_0253 copy

The only bummer is that my planned beach days may not pan out because the weather man is calling for rain.

We are hoping he’s wrong though. But, even if he’s not, we’ll have fun. Lots and lots of fun. I think of it as a summer teaser.

DSC_0268 copy



  1. natalie garritson · March 28, 2011

    so cute…and fun!! I’ll live vicariously through your pictures…they make it seem warm 🙂

  2. Kristen · April 8, 2011

    What are you shooting with lately? Are you using a wide angle lens? I’m thinking about breaking out of my 50mm habit. Looks like you already have 🙂

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