Visiting an Old Friend

Last year it was a NEW friend, but after so many visits last summer, and an almost 4 month break from frequent visits,  we now comfortably call the beach our “Old Friend”. I love everything about it. From the anticipation to the bits of sand I find days later reminding me of what a good time we had.

DSC_0343 copy

It was so welcoming to us this morning. The sky was brilliantly blue and the sun was warm.

DSC_0315 copy

We hesitated to go after yesterday’s wash out, but we ventured out early and it was beautiful.

DSC_0334 copy DSC_0337 copy

My kids have grown so much in the last 18 months as far as the beach goes. On our very first visit in November of 2009 they were terrified of the water. But now they play on the beach like pros. Jumping waves, boogie boarding and perfecting the art of sand castle building.

DSC_0361 copy

Ethan loves the birds you see at the beach. He likes to chase them, and today he fed them. They loved him (or his cheese crackers) so much we had a hard time getting rid of them.

DSC_0425 copy

It was a pretty perfect morning.

I am so glad the beach made our Spring Break 2011 activities, because of the weather forecast we weren’t sure it was going to happen, thankfully the weatherman was wrong for today.


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