Adventures Must End

I have really felt like our Spring Break has turned into daily adventures and as I have said before, it has been so, much, fun. We saved the biggest adventure for last. Monday we realized that Anthony had a hearing on Friday in Tallahassee and would have to leave Thursday to go and would be gone the majority of two days. Since the kids were off school we decided why not go with him and be together, and find something fun to do after his hearing on Friday.

So Thursday’s adventure became “road tripping.” Its a 5 hour drive between Orlando and Tallahassee. Lucky for us, our kids travel very well, and this was no exception. I really like traveling with Anthony for his job. Yes, its a working trip, but at least we’re not apart and we have been able to see a lot more of Florida than we would have otherwise.

Since we were traveling to Florida’s capitol city we decided to take the kids to the State Capitol Building itself.

DSC_0492 copy

From far away (our hotel was just up the street) I picked this out as the capitol. Then when we got up to it I thought, “That can’t be it, its too small.” Well, I was right and wrong. It WAS the capitol. But it is no more. Its now called “The Old Capitol.” The real capitol is behind it…yep that tall “sky scraper” – at least that is what the girls called it.

DSC_0465 copy

Here we are in front of the “sky scraper” capitol building. In my opinion, the building itself was a bit of a let down. It wasn’t ornate like other ones I have been in. It doesn’t have a large and beautiful rotunda like Texas or Oklahoma, but it was still fun to take the kids there and have Anthony teach them a bit about the State Legislature. And, as always, I just love being out as a family experiencing something new.

One thing that was really cool was the 22nd floor. It is an observation floor. All four sides were windows looking out over Tallahassee, and one corner had an art exhibit that had some really cool photography.

DSC_0476 copy

After we were done in the building we walked outside to the front of the “The Old Capitol” and then across the street to this really cool memorial that I had seen while driving and then again from the 22nd floor of the capitol. I envisioned getting a picture of all 3 kids, or even all of us, in front of it. BUT, Ethan decided it was a good time for a fit, so I had to settle for just the girls.

DSC_0481 copy

All in all it was a great wrap up to a fun week. We are home now and looking forward to a restful weekend before school starts back up again. And for the next 10 weeks we’ll be remembering the fun adventures we had over Spring Break and will be dreaming up all sorts of new adventures for summer. I can’t wait!


One comment

  1. natalie garritson · April 2, 2011

    Utah’s capitol building has a cool rotunda…and the church has a cool skyscraper 🙂 just sayin 🙂

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