Happy Mother’s Day


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and all my littles are tucked snuggly into bed sleeping soundly. We spent the day together as a family and I have heard hints and whispers of plans they have for me tomorrow – they include toast and presents wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. The perfect Mother’s Day for a mom with children 7, 5 and 2.  Just as it should be.

But, before I was the mother of these 3 precious blessings my life was affected forever because of countless mothers. First there was my own mother who always seemed to know just what to say or what to do. It seemed to be so natural, so effortless, so easy. Then there were teachers both from school and church, some who I watched become mother’s, others whose children were my own age, and some who were grandmothers. There were my own Grandmother’s who although far away showed constant love and concern for me and for my family.  As I grew older I grew close to some of my Young Women leaders at church. They watched me grow from a girl to a woman and most definitely helped to shape the woman I would become. At the same time my good friend’s mothers taught me and showed me what good women look like. Soon I became an Aunt and I watched my Sister and Sister-in-laws gracefully step into their new found roll and looked up to them because of it. Then I met my husband and his mother entered my life. I am forever grateful to her for the mother she was to him, and now the friend and mother she is to me. Even still I am affected by the mother’s that surround me. Now, I am a peer. I see mother’s with children older than mine and learn from their experience and wisdom. I see the way my friends mother their children and I am inspired to be a better mom myself.

My life is full of mothers, and because of that my life has been immeasurably blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.


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