Sunday Thoughts About My Kids

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This morning the kids and I were ready for church at 9:50am, it was nothing short of a miracle. Anthony leaves early for meetings and we usually aim to leave by 10:15am but that very easily turns into 10:30am and we’re often racing to be on time, or are just plain late. I didn’t know what to do with that extra 25 minutes we had and Ethan looked so cute in the tie he was wearing I decided to try to get a picture or two of him. Taking pictures of Ethan didn’t take long so it turned into taking pictures of everyone, and then I decided to get in the shot too. And since I documented the day I thought I’d post a few things about each of them now just for my own memory sake. They change so much so quickly and I have been a less than stellar blogger this year that I wanted to record a bit about them right now.

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Ethan is 2. I could end the paragraph about him right there and you’d know so much, but there is so much more about my little guy than just the tantrums and irrational thought processes. There are a few signs of the terrible twos wrapping up for Ethan (I just crossed my fingers and toes as well as knocked on the nearest wood I could find), he has moments of pure sweetness and he’s developing such a fun little personality. It cracks me up to see how much of a “boy” he is. He grew up among pink and princesses and yet he wants nothing to do with it (well, he is oblivious to pink toys in general) he’s all about trains, race cars, space shuttles, burping and other bodily functions. Total boy. I am so glad we have a little boy.

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Isabella’s smile makes me laugh. Don’t get me wrong she is absolutely beautiful, but a toothless goofy grin gets me every time. It seems everyday she gets older and older (and I guess she does) and I wish it would slow just a bit. This weekend we attended a baptism for a friend of hers and I spent the entire time realizing that in just 7 short months it will be her turn. How on earth can she be turning 8 this year?  I do, however, find myself more and more embracing the idea that she is growing up and being excited about what is to come, but every once in a while I have to catch my breath when I think of all the challenges that can come with her getting older.

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And Natalie, so big and yet so little at the same time. At times she seems to want to hold onto being small just as much as we want it. Other times she’s too big for everything. She will start Kindergarten in the fall and as much as I’m tired of driving her to and from school everyday and look forward to her being able to ride the bus I will miss her. It will be strange to just have Ethan all day, and I am certain Ethan will miss his playmate. She’s so helpful lately and so unbelievably smart. The questions she asks, the things she catches on to and her quick wit amaze me all the time. She keeps us on our toes and keeps us entertained all the time. Life is never dull when she is around.

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Almost daily Anthony and I have a conversation about how wonderful our children are. How smart, funny, beautiful, handsome and just awesome they are. Never were any parents more proud of their children than we are of ours. 


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