Finding My Happy Place

DSC_0641 copy2

Yesterday I was in a bad mood. No reason really, just in somewhat of a funk. Just one of those days that happen from time to time. Anthony was out of town and I wasn’t seeming to pull myself out of it. I tried a nap, which didn’t go well and only made things worse. After that it was time to go and get Bella and as we were walking to the bus stop I realized what a beautiful day it was. The weather was perfect, not hot, not humid and a soft cool breeze was blowing. I thought to myself, “This is far to beautiful of a day to be in such a sour mood.” I decided I could either stay home and probably not get out of my sour mood, or I could do something to get out of my funk.

So when Bella got off the bus I asked her how quickly she could finish her homework, she told me she could do it super fast and 30 minutes later we were loaded in the car headed for the coast. For the next 3 hours I sat in my beach chair and watched my kids splash in the waves, dig in the sand, and chase birds. And I splashed in a few waves myself too. There is something therapeutic about listening to the ocean. It instantly changed my mood. We had a great time and the kids wanted to know if we were going to the beach again today. I love the beach.


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