My Birthday Gift

DSC_1558 internet copy

This is what Anthony gave me for my birthday. Yep, its the sunrise – and it was all for me, seriously!

I went for a run yesterday morning and as I was walking to cool down I checked my phone for any new emails or facebook birthday messages (I love those) and I found an email from Anthony that said, “Happy Birthday! Your assignments are as follows: 1. Pack our bags for over night, including anything you want for the beach. 2. Pack the kids for over night. and 3. Natalie will need a birthday gift for MaKayla. More details to come.” I was so excited. Anthony had planned a night for he and I, gotten a sitter for the kids AND RSVP-ed “yes” to a birthday party for Natalie that I had already RSVP-ed “No” to because I had thought we were doing something as a family – which meant he had also made arrangements to get her to and from the party so that she could do something fun with her friends.

All day I anticipated, guessed and wondered what we were going to do.

What we ended up doing was simple really but so incredibly thoughtful and romantic. We stayed 30 minutes from our house at a hotel with a balcony over looking the beach (I’ve been saying I wanted to stay at a hotel ON the beach forever). He had no plans, except that we could do whatever I wanted – whenever I wanted. We had dinner, walked on the beach in the evening, and had desserts. But the kicker was something I’ve been talking about forever – seeing the sunrise over the ocean.

It was amazing. It was peaceful. It was beautiful.

After the sunrise we relaxed more, had breakfast and then spent the next few hours on the beach. I had never been to the beach without children. And although I love the beach with children I LOVED it without. It was so completely relaxing. I could sit in my beach chair, lean my head back, close my eyes and just listen to the waves without worrying where my kids were at all times. I could swim out far in the water with Anthony and relax in the rolling waves. It was so perfect. It was just what I needed. I am so lucky to have a husband who listens to what I really want to do and then makes it happen.

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