Old News, Fresh Wound

I am a TERRIBLE blogger this year! Not that I have “readers” – I’m just mad at myself for not having kept up on it and potentially losing memories. So for the remainder of the year I have 2 goals. #1 – be a better blogger. #2 – FINALLY, after 6 years of blogging get going on my blog books so I can have these memories in hand. Okay…moving on.


When we moved to Florida it was a Saturday afternoon – Halloween to be exact. The next day, November 1,  I was the “new girl” at church. I felt about as uncomfortable as most “new girls” do, and was sitting in the hallway with my misbehaving 1 year old when a blond girl stopped by and said, “You’re Jennifer right?” How she knew my name I’ll never know (I guess I could ask her) but she was the first to stop and say hello.

Fast forward to February (I think…or maybe it was January) and she calls and invites Natalie, Ethan and I to a play date. Our simple exchanges of “Hello” turned into daily phone calls and texts with just that one morning of chatting. We just clicked, there is no other way to say it. And I KNOW she really liked us b/c she (okay mostly her daughter) endured the worst of Ethan’s hitting stage and they STILL kept inviting us over.

I have known for months that they were going to move. I just didn’t allow myself to think about it, it was always so far away. At first they wouldn’t move until their house sold and I was certain in this economy and housing market that could potentially take a long time. I envisioned them here until Thanksgiving.  They received an offer the second day it was on the market (and although the initial offer didn’t work it ended up working with that buyer in the end…needless to say, it sold fast). They briefly talked about building a house when they moved which would make it so they needed to stay here until it was completed and their buyer had agreed to rent back the house to them if that is what happened. That didn’t happen. And then it always seemed so far away – the middle of summer.

Before I knew it I looked at the calendar and it was – the middle of summer. It was one week until she would move and I’d been so busy avoiding thinking about it I almost felt like I avoided her. Worst of all (or maybe good for us) I was leaving for vacation on Tuesday and she wasn’t moving until Saturday. So she was here when I left but gone when I got back.

The morning before we left town I had to stop by and bring her something. We stayed for about an hour before we had to go and we said a quick “see you later” because we refused to say goodbye and we both quickly went inside/got in car before the tears could fall. Except then I sat in the car in her driveway and cried until I realized my girls were crying too. It was a tad pitiful. (Geez, even as I type I can’t help but get teary eyed.)

So the news of them moving is old (very old) but the reality of it is a seriously fresh wound.

We realized before she left that we had no pictures of us. So we took a few the Sunday before she left.

DSC_2731 copy2  DSC_2725 copyDSC_2749 copy

The good news in it all is I made a friend. A really good one, and I still have that really good friend, just not really close. Sometimes I think that she was one of the reasons we were supposed to move here. When we became friends I hadn’t learned to like Florida yet. Since then I have fallen in love with this place (even without her here). But you know there are just some people you know you’re supposed to know when you meet them. There are have been a few of those people in my life – and she is certainly one of them. Lucky for me she is only 8 hours away – so it is close enough to visit by car…and you had better bet there will be visits.


One comment

  1. Heidi · July 21, 2011

    Awh… I know EXACTLY how that feels! My brother, his wife and their son were our next door neighbors for 3 1/2 years and they just moved in June. It is soooo painful! Feeling for ya!

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