Summer Vaca – Post 1

After a full day spent just recovering from our 19 hour trek from Florida to Dallas we headed to Grapevine to visit the new Legoland there. Thanks to Anthony’s mom because she called and found out that for groups of more than 7 you can get a group discount and after going it is my opinion that you should never pay above that group rate because, it was fun – but it wasn’t THAT fun. It was smaller than all the adults had anticipated, but the kids liked it, and that is all that really matters anyway. (There is one being built in Orlando opening in October of this year. I have 2 free tickets to it so I’m thinking Ethan and I will check it out while the girl’s are in school. Its supposed to be bigger than the one in Dallas, with a admission cost of more than twice that of Dallas’. I’ll let you know what I think after my free visit there.)

We started with building cars and racing them. I don’t know who won, but I waited a long time for all the other kids to get out of the way so I could get a picture of just our kids and their cousin Sammy. I’m glad I was patient.  DSC_0738 copy

And this next picture…don’t you love Natalie’s look?


And the one REALLY cool thing there? Dallas built with Lego’s, which included sunrise, sunset and fireworks. It was really cool.

It even included the BOYS stadium. It was awesome.



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