The Dallas Cowboys Stadium

While we were in Dallas (yes, I’m about a month late blogging, because this was on July 4th) Anthony and I took the opportunity to have a day away. Nana kept the kids and we headed off for a little freedom. After driving 20 hours in the car with the kids we were very much looking forward to a break.

 DSC_0767 copy

Anthony is a Dallas Cowboys fan, I became one after we were married. In 2009 we were able to go to a game in the stadium, however, although it wasn’t a Cowboys game. It was an amazing place. Seeing as it wasn’t football season (and the lockout was still on going) we opted this time to tour the stadium. Now we’re even more in awe of the place…the only thing left to do is see the BOYS play there. Someday we will.

One of the interesting things about the stadium is that there are multiple pieces of “art work” that were commissioned by Mrs. Jones (Jerry Jones’, the owner, wife). Some of the artwork is cool, other is…well, weird. 


The Cotton Bowl has moved its offices into the Cowboys Stadium. It was dark in there but I thought the lobby of it was really cool.

DSC_0764 copy 

This next picture just might be my favorite of the day. Its Anthony standing in the place you generally see Jerry Jones during the Cowboys game. It is his personal sweet that he sits in with just his 2 sons and they get into it in their personal elevator. Its pretty exclusive. He has another suite where the rest of his family (wife, daughter-in-laws, etc) and guests sit, but this one is pretty small and really just meant for the 3 of them. It is encased in glass but they said they generally do not open the glass (especially if the Boys aren’t doing well in the game) because they do not want the public heckling him.

DSC_0755 copy

Here’s Anthony sitting in the post game press room.


And here he is in the Cowboy’s locker room.

An interesting tidbit of info from our tour guide on their lockers. Apparently Mrs. Jones (who was in charge of the decor for the whole place) originally ordered some nice wood (can’t remember the names of the wood now) and when it was installed she didn’t like it. So, she sent it back and ordered an even nicer type of wood – which again she hated and returned. (All of this wood by the way was being imported from far away places which of course added to the cost). Finally she decided on this wood, which is best known for being the wood used in the dashboard of Bentleys. Each individual locker cost about $10,000.

Only the best for the BOYS right?


And then there is the Cheerleader’s lockers. (Clearly they weren’t as impressive as the pictures above them.)

The wood they used for them? Was imported all the way from Home Depot. They are made from particle board.


We loved touring the stadium. It is a pretty spectacular place. I’d actually like to do it again as I have forgotten so much of what she told us, but next on the list is a game for sure.

DSC_0783 copy


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