I can’t believe I am so slow at blogging our vacation that we came home from about a month ago! I’m not even into the 2nd week of vacation yet, meanwhile there is other blog-worthy things going on as we close our summer and I can’t even get to them because I’m back in the beginning of July. At some point I may just have to move forward, but not today.

I don’t have much to say about these pictures except to say that seeing cousins is the BEST part of vacation. They play from the minute they get there until the minute we leave and they all have the best time. These cousins are Anthony’s sister’s kids. They are always so excited to see each other.

All vacation Ethan would call them his “friends” – which of course they are, but we were trying to get him to understand they were his COUSINS, which are kind of like a special friend. He still insisted on calling them friends, which we were fine with, and then today we met some friends at the beach and when he saw them walk off the boardwalk he said, “LOOK! My cousins!” I think he’s a bit confused still with friends and cousins, but he’ll learn.

Meanwhile here are some fun COUSIN pictures.

DSC_2781 copy

DSC_2787 sq copy

 DSC_2800 internet copy

DSC_2871 internet copy


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