Ethan Turned 3

I am going to catch up…I am going to catch up…I am going to catch up!

If I keep repeating that it will happen right? Well, it will because I have promised myself I will get all the summer stuff blogged and wrapped up by this weekend so I can be ready to blog about school starting and any other current events WHEN they happened instead of a month later.

So, Ethan turned 3 (1 month and 1 day ago)!

Since his birthday is so close to our vacation both Nana and Grandma planned birthday parties for him during the trip. First up was Nana.

DSC_2801 internet copy 

The party at Nana’s started with everyone going to see CARS 2. This is Ethan watching the movie. Before going to see CARS 2 he had seen the first CARS maybe about 5 times, since seeing CARS 2 he has watched the first CARS movie just about everyday. Its a new obsession. He loves it.

DSC_2809 internet copy 

After the movie we went home and had pizza and cake. Nana had let the 4 big kids decorate his cake. It was so cute!

DSC_2854 internet copy 

Then he opened presents while his sisters and cousins looked on. There were lots of fun goodies for him.

DSC_2859 internet copy 

His cousin Sammy even gave him some of his old costumes to keep. He loves this cheetah and he looks so cute in it. Maybe it’ll have to be his Halloween costume. (sounds easy enough for me!)

Next up was a party at Grandma’s.

DSC_2912 internet copy 

Grandma had made some games for all the kids to play. First it was “Pin the Smile on Lightning McQueen.”  (Ethan didn’t want the blind fold on his eyes, and since he was the birthday boy and only 3 Grandma let him do it his way.)

DSC_2923 internet copy 

There was also a match game she had made with CARS stickers.

DSC_2955 internet copy 

DSC_2978 internet copy 

After presents (and while Ethan was waiting for Grandpa to get some out of the box) Jeremy read to Ethan. Jeremy was so sweet with Ethan and so helpful the entire time we were there. He was such a good big cousin.

DSC_2986 copy

Instead of cake at Grandma’s we had ice-cream. No one seemed to mind, and you can still put a candle into the ice-cream.

DSC_2985 internet copy

Then came his actual birthday…

…WHAT? No pictures. Yep, no pictures. His actual birthday was the day after we got home from our long drive from Texas back to Florida. I was exhausted. Anthony (who had come home a week earlier) had cupcakes here for him and we had a present for him, but even he seemed a little birthday-ed out. Kind of like…”I’ve already done this…twice!”

I can’t believe my little boy is 3. It seems there is no way that 3 years has passed since he joined our family – and yet it seems like he’s always been apart of it. And although he’s stubborn, loud, and often times defiant (seriously had to just stop typing this post to go handle a big time fit over something simple I asked him to do) – I love this kid to pieces. He is quite honestly, the coolest.


One comment

  1. Barbara · August 18, 2011

    I couldn’t believe it when Ella turned 3 either! I’m so glad you were able to be there for that 🙂

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