A Non-picture Garden Trip

 A few weeks ago I decided to do something “fun” and take the kids to some gardens in Downtown Orlando. It was the last Free Monday of the summer (they are free the first Monday of every month) and although it was unbearably muggy we went for what I thought would be a fun 2 hour trip. I brought my camera along “just in case.” But I told myself I was not going to take pictures, just have fun. Yeah – that is why I told each child what to wear, not matching but not clashing(just in case).

We hadn’t been there 2 minutes when I spotted a pretty tree where I thought I could get the kids all situated under and take some cute pictures of them first looking, and then interacting. Basically we made the trek (with a stroller through grass and up and down 3 hills that were much steeper than appeared from the sidewalk) got to the good lighting spot, got my camera ready and Ethan said, “I need to go potty.” I swear, I’d just asked him while we were in the building right next to one.

DSC_3398 internet copy

I tried to distract him and still get a few, but he couldn’t be distracted. He was jumping up and down. We went back, up the three steep hills and gave up that location.

DSC_3418 internet copy

Then we found this swing and I told them just to sit on it and swing…oh and laugh b/c laughing pictures are always fun. Fake laughter…they had a hard time with it. I think they were too hot to fake laugh. So I danced, and danced and danced and actually liked this one (above).

 DSC_3462 internet copy

So as you can see my “non-picture” trip turned into a mission to get a picture of all 3 looking. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I can’t control it. So the girls sat JUST LIKE THIS her to rest (seriously humid, only 82 degrees but we were d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g) and Ethan was playing with them. I ran to get around to the other side b/c it would make a perfect surrounding for a picture. Ethan moved, just to Bella’s right (or is it left) just outside the frame. No matter what I did we couldn’t get him in the frame. Soon they were frustrated with me, I with them and we just had to stop…and then it started to rain. Guess it was time to stop for the day and head to the car. Maybe next time I want to just have fun and keep myself from going into photo shoot mode with my children I’ll just leave it at home…but that is SO HARD! My camera is like my third appendage.


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