Disney Friends


A few weeks ago I decided to take the kids to a morning at Disney. I choose to go to Animal Kingdom because it seemed the easiest park to handle all three kids by myself. We only stayed for about 3 hours, but we did everything I had planned to do. (The Safari, a Dinosaur ride…twice, the Lion King Show and Camp Minnie & Mickey to meet Characters)

We don’t typically stop to meet characters on our trips, but I decided the kids needed to start filling up their autograph books, and on this trip I think we counted 9 characters, so it was a great start to getting them filled.

DSC_0808 internet copy 

Chip and Dale…don’t ask me which is which, but Bella is the one who noticed their noses are different colors. I could probably Google it, but I don’t care enough.

DSC_0818 internet copy DSC_0822 internet copy

We didn’t even know who these 2 were before getting in the line. I take that back, we knew one was Thumper. But who was the other? I didn’t know until I read their autograph books – Miss Bunny. I guess she’s Thumper’s girlfriend. Its been a while since I’ve watched Bambi.

DSC_0827 internet copy

Minnie totally had a thing for Ethan. She wouldn’t stop kissing him, and he ate it all up.

DSC_0834 internet copy DSC_0847 internetcopy DSC_0855 internet copy

Pocahontas cracked me up. She asked if Ethan was a trouble maker. Um….could you tell? When she said good bye to the kids she hugged Ethan and said, “Stay out of trouble, okay?!” Okay, we’ll work on that, lol.


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