One Last Summer Hurrah

 DSC_0039 copy

Last year we went to a place on my birthday called Fort Myers Beach, FL. It was beautiful, and we all loved it. Later in the summer we went back and went across a $6 bridge (had to put the price) and visited a place called Sanibel Island. We love that too! The best part is they are only 30 minutes (or so) apart so when you visit one you can visit the other. So when Anthony had the need to do a bit of traveling for work we took the weekend before hand and had one last summer family “hurrah.” It was the perfect ending to our summer.

The first night was spent dancing, running, and splashing in the warm waters at Fort Myers Beach. When we got there we noticed a sandbar about 30 or 40 feet into the water. It was so close the kids could even walk to it without the water getting deep. The cool thing is that with the sandbar we saw lots of cool shells and sea creatures. We saw full conch shells, but we sadly couldn’t keep them because when we would pick them up they all had conch alive in them. Darn it! They were such pretty shells.

The kids spent lots of their time bent over the sand like this finding new discoveries:

DSC_0049 copy2

We actually found lots of sand dollars, but they were all alive.

DSC_0022 copy 

The next day we headed to Sanibel. Here are the kids on the boardwalk headed to the beach. (They were really happy…the sun was just bright and they wanted to get to the beach more than they wanted to pose for Mom.)

DSC_0087 copy 

The shores of Sanibel look like this. Seriously. Its pretty cool, but it kind of hurts when you walk on it!

DSC_0113 copy 

We visited a yummy little ice-cream shop (Pinocchio’s for anyone who might want to go), a shell shop and then headed back to the hotel to relax. It was seriously an amazing weekend and an awesome end to our summer. (I can’t wait to go back next summer!)

DSC_0128 copy


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