School, Day 1

Today was the girl’s first day of school. It was an exciting morning, especially since it was Natalie’s first day of Kindergarten. I must say the second time around I’m much more excited about Kindergarten and less emotional. I think Natalie is going to love being in school all day like her sister and that she is really going to blossom this year in so many ways, and I am anxious to watch it all unfold.

I woke the girls up 15 minutes early this morning so we could snap a few pictures before we headed off to school.

So first up is Natalie, our Kindergartner.

DSC_3965 internet copyDSC_3969 internet copyDSC_3988 internet copy

Natalie got off the bus just as excited as she was when we left for school. But, when I asked her what she had done I got a lot of “I don’t knows.” and “I don’t really remember.” Over the evening we got a few more tidbits about her day here and there, I look forward to hearing more and more.

(Oh, and in addition to her first day of Kindergarten today she also started Piano lessons. It was quite a day for her.)

And then there is our much to grown up Bella heading off to second grade.

  DSC_4015 internet copyDSC_4012 internet copyDSC_4008 internet copyDSC_4014 internet copy

Bella didn’t give us much more information than Natalie. I think I may take some advice from facebook friends and make them share 3 things with me each day because “I don’t know’s” drive me bonkers!!! All in all I think she had a good first day in 2nd grade.

DSC_4021 internet copyDSC_4035 internet copy

Once we got to the school we took Bella to her “waiting spot” first. She was the first one there and I embarrassed her with a few more pictures. I could tell she was nervous so we stayed until at least one other classmate arrived.

 DSC_0175 copy 

Natalie would have let me leave the second she saw her teacher. I stood around just kind of observing and she went right to work talking to other kids and showing off her monkey backpack. She makes friends wherever she goes so I know school will be nothing but fun for her. Finally I left and she had no issues, she just wanted her day to begin.

DSC_0176 copy         

So tomorrow is day 2. Shouldn’t be a big deal, BUT Bella came home and about 2 hours later I hugged her and realized she was really warm. Turned out she had a 103.5 fever and a ticket to stay home tomorrow. I am hoping it will just take a day of rest and she’ll be ready to go back and be with friends. I hate that she’s missing a day already, but what can you do? My biggest worry is tomorrow is the first day they were to ride the bus and Bella was going to take care of her sister and be certain she got where she needed to be. Now, Natalie will be on her own. I’m sure it will be fine, and it isn’t as if I drove her that it would be any better because she’d still have to navigate the school on her own because you can’t walk them in after the first day. So I’ll just send her and remind her in the morning that she can always ask an adult for help if she gets confused. Bring on day 2.



  1. Row Ambler · August 23, 2011

    I love the pictures and the commentary…I will check on Natalie right away this morning. Get better Bella. Thanks so much Jennifer.

  2. Barbara · August 26, 2011

    I can’t believe how big Nat looks, she s growing up way too fast. I miss those girls!

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