Play Cars with Me Mommy?

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The girls starting school this week has really made a change in Ethan’s life. He suddenly lost his playmates from 8am to 3:3opm. When they do come home they have homework, piano to practice or are just exhausted from their days. So since they are gone I am suddenly his sole playmate. This week the game of choice has been cars. About every 15-20 minutes he asks, “You play cars with me Mom?” (And most times we JUST finished playing cars.)

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I am trying to remind myself to stop and play with him even when I feel like I have something else that needs to get done because I know all too soon he will be on the bus with his big sisters. Then I will have all the time I need to clean, edit pictures and cook dinner, etc.

For now, we play.

DSC_4067 internet copy2DSC_4072 internet copyDSC_4053 internet copy DSC_4058 internet copy2  DSC_4070 internet copy 

I’m so glad to still have Ethan home with me. It is possible that he will begin Pre-K next year (we’ll see how much he matures first), but until then he’ll be my side kick and we’ll have some fun adventures just the two of us.

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  1. Megan · August 26, 2011

    I try to remind myself every day to play more and do laundry/dishes/vacuum less.

    P.S. He is getting so big!!

  2. Barbara · August 26, 2011

    It looks like you guys are having a ton of fun together! I’m sure he is loving having you all to himself 🙂

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