The Knock-out Girls

Bella has asked us a few times if she could play soccer. Usually she brought it up just AFTER the season had begun so it was too late. So finally we had our act together and we got her signed up to play the fall season of soccer. This past Saturday was their first game. Her team named themselves “The Knock-out Girls.” Unfortunately in their first game they were more the “knocked – out girls” as the other team really dominated the game, but it was still fun to watch her try something new.

DSC_4156 internet copy

Before the game they all repeat a pledge that the referee gives to them saying they’ll play fair and their best, etc.

DSC_4169 internet copy DSC_4183 internet copy

Bella got to throw in the ball at one point.

This week we’ll be explaining to her that when you do this you throw it to your OWN team, not the other team.

 DSC_4207 internet copy 

She got the number 4. Ethan kept saying he wanted a #3 shirt. I’d better get busy making him one before the next game.

DSC_4223 internet copy DSC_4226 internet copy DSC_4210 internet copy

I think the experience of being on a team is going to be really good for her. The jury is still out on if this is something she’s going to want to continue in other seasons or not, but for now we’re just trying to help her learn, have fun, and make some new friends on her team. (And already Natalie is asking to play next time too.)



  1. Lacey McKay · September 13, 2011

    Great pics! I did a post about Abbey’s first game too! My pics are not as good. I just used the point and shoot because it was midday sun. I want to get the 70-200mm lens to shoot with at her games!

  2. Row Ambler · September 14, 2011

    Thanks for the pics. She’s having fun!!!!!

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