Garage Light

DSC_4620 copy

I have been planning to take Natalie somewhere for 2 weeks to do her 6 year pictures. It never quite worked out. I wasn’t thrilled with my options near by but I didn’t have time to take her some where else and the one night I planned on going it rained, and not just a little bit, a lot, which meant I couldn’t do my back up plan of a rain boots/umbrella shoot. I had researched fun backdrops with the idea of clearing out the play room and setting something up in there, but I just hadn’t found the right idea that got me excited enough to move all the furniture. THEN I remembered reading about garage portraits. I have read several times that the light at the edge of a garage is perfect for portraits. So I grabbed what I could find on short notice (a table clothe and a blanket) and set up a picture spot. I wasn’t disappointed. The light was amazing, her eyes sparkled and looked so blue, and we did it all in about 25 minutes while Ethan watched a TV show and Bella did her homework.  Click on the picture and it should take you to my photography website where you can see more pictures, if you haven’t seen them already.


One comment

  1. Rachel · November 17, 2011

    I am loving your photography! I wish you lived closer and could take pictures of my little ones! Hope you are doing well.

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