I Still Blog…

…I swear.

DSC_5708 internet copy

I took a bit of a hiatus in November – in hind sight I realized I took VERY little photos of my own family. Which I hate because I can’t remember what we did all month, but it was busy I do know that.

I know it isn’t the new year yet, but I’m ready to make a New Years Resolution: In 2012 I will blog more. And I had better quantify that. In 2012 I will blog once a week (at least).

There it is. I said it.

On to the picture. We have a family tradition of visiting Santa on the night before Thanksgiving. I never want to cook dinner that night so we go see Santa after Daddy gets off work and then go out to dinner. Last year we discovered Bass Pro shop has free Santa photos. They give you a 4×6 with an option to buy more, but they also don’t care at all if you take your own. I did feel a little rushed by them this year, and it was sort of an uneventful Santa visit (something about having no screaming kids or other odd – kid happenings makes it boring I guess). But, the night before Thanksgiving is typically not very busy for Santa and so you get through with no waits. Bass Pro also has trains, race cars, play guns and a carousel set up for the kids to play with/ride free of charge so it really is a great place to see the big guy.

So what is on their wish list?

Bella: a Kindle (that is all she told Santa)

Natalie: A Scooter, a Lalaloopsy Doll, and…she couldn’t remember anything else when she talked to Santa.

Ethan: Chuggington Toys – He talks about this everyday and even has assigned characters to each of us so we know who we have to be when we play with him once Santa comes. (IF he’s a good boy!)

And as far as ‘Santa’ goes – he’s already filled the order for them this year…as in I’m done shopping. We’ll just hope the kids remain on the good list so I don’t have to stand in any return lines. 🙂


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