Bella’s Party

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Last Friday we had Bella’s birthday party. It was more than a week away from her actual birthday but with her Grandparents coming this weekend, her baptism being on her birthday, and the fact that it is December and the further you get into the month the busier people are – we decided to have it early.

It was a pretty simple party. We had a movie night. Pizza, cake, presents and a movie (Judy Moody). What I thought was fun about it was watching Bella with her friends. She can be shy but she’s made some cute little friends and it was fun seeing her be the center of attention – even if its a place she doesn’t like to be often.

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She had a great time at her party, and the best part is that since her actual birthday hasn’t arrived yet we still have more celebrating to do!

Also, I wanted to share just a few pictures of her that I did last week. My mom needed a picture for something she was giving to her for her Baptism so I needed a few shots of her in her baptism dress. Before I had her change into that I thought her school outfit was so cute (she picked it out, as she always does. She has good style, most of the time) that I took some of her in that first.

We will do a full birthday session the week before Christmas when they are out of school with outfit changes and a different location(s). I look at these are see how much she is growing up and it makes my heart hurt a little. What happened to my baby? But really I am so proud of her and the young lady she is blossoming into. The day before her birthday she is being recognized at her school’s Character celebration as the student in her classroom who exemplifies “Responsibility.” And its really fitting, she is such a responsible child and helps me so much. She is a great big sister to both her sister and brother. Basically she’s just….awesome! I’m a proud mom.

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