Little BiG Boy

2012 is a big year for Ethan. It all started in January when he graduated from our church’s nursery class into Primary (which is for ages 3-11). In Primary he know attends a group lesson called Sharing Time, Singing Time and then goes to a class with about 9 other kids his age for a lesson and snack. Now instead of playing with toys for 2 hours he is expected to sit still and be quiet. Not the easiest task for Ethan.

Here he is on his first day in Primary:

 DSC_6989 internet copy

Doesn’t he look so handsome?

He loves his teacher Sister Johansen, although he calls her “MISTER” Johansen (when he remembers her name). A few weeks ago she gave them a cute little bear and told them he was their “Prayer Bear.” They were to go home and put it on their bed and when they see him he is supposed to remind them that their prayers need to be said. And he did, he ran it right into the house and put it on his bed. Now he holds it each night as he says his prayers.

I’m hoping that these new grown up expectations at church will help him with the next big thing. Last week I registered him for our state’s VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) program at the girl’s school. I was happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because I will be glad to be able to be more free to volunteer in the kid’s classrooms, I want to do some distance running training which will be easier to do when I have 3 hours a day to myself, also I can do grocery shopping without distraction, and I think the structure of school and a classroom will be really good for him.

I was sad because…well, he’s my baby. Because of his birthday he can start school almost a full year earlier than the girls did, so in a way I feel cheated of that time – although I know I don’t HAVE to put him in school, I could hold him back, and I am open to doing so if he isn’t ready. But with the extra time my girls were so overly ready to go that I hate to make him wait and feel the same way as well. So the plan, as of now, is that in August he will start school with the girls. He’ll be in half day, so I’ll still get half my day with him, and I think once he’s started and used to the routine he’ll love it.

My little boy is growing big. In fact, all my kids are. Now, more than ever, I wish I could stop time.

DSC_6998 internet copy



  1. Kalani Tonga Tukuafu · February 7, 2012

    Your kids are beautiful Jennifer!!

  2. weblogginsane · February 7, 2012

    I know what you mean about stopping time. I think these are the best years and I just want them to last as long as possible.

  3. Barbara · February 8, 2012

    I can;t believe how big he is getting. I miss your kids so much!

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