The Weekend

Last Thursday I took Bella to a church activity that she now attends twice a month. Its nice to be the one driving her because then you get some rare one on one time with her. On this particular night she was noticing all the different restaurants we were passing and she said something about T.G.L. Fridays. So I corrected her, “No honey its T.G.I.Fridays.” “I? Really? It looks like an L.” “Yes really. It stands for thank goodness its Friday.” “Thank goodness its Friday? Why would you be glad its Friday?!” Laughing a bit I said, “Well because Friday night starts off the weekend and most people don’t have to work on Saturday and Sunday so they look forward to that part of the week.” She thought for a minute and said, “Well Friday isn’t my favorite day. I like Wednesdays.”

I for one do not agree, but I guess I am glad that her weekdays are fun enough that she doesn’t live for the weekends. At least not yet.

This past Saturday was a busy day. First the girl’s had a birthday party at a local mini-golf place where they got to play in the arcade, feed alligators and play golf.


And what is it they were feeding the gators? Hot dogs!

We had to leave the party a little early for Bella’s first soccer game of the season. She has the same coach this year, but he had to miss out on the first game so Anthony and another dad from the team filled in. Their jerseys are blue this year which is Bella’s favorite color – so she’s happy about that although she’s already told me she wants the green color next season.



I didn’t get many good shots at the game (didn’t come prepared with the best lens for being far away), but I plan to bring my camera again tomorrow.  From now until June we’ll be out on the soccer fields every Friday and Saturday night. Bella is really loving it and now she has her little brother asking when he can play soccer too.


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