A Cure

DSC_8462 internet copy

Last week I had a particularly grouchy day. Don’t really know why, but I do know I was more than impatient with my kids. So, at the end of the day I decided to do something productive and we cleaned our back porch. It needed it. And being productive helps me feel better about grouchy days. This time, however, it wasn’t working. The kids were complaining about the work, and I was getting impatient with their complaints. Then, as I was spraying off the porch I accidentally sprayed the girls, and the giggling started. Next Ethan was standing next to them begging for me to do it again. So I gave in, and sprayed him on “accident” too.

DSC_8441 copy

This quickly evolved into 30 minutes of giggling, screaming and 3 wet kids who were suddenly happy as can be and who had completely forgotten about their grouchy mommy. Thank goodness for water hoses and kids who easily forgive. (And watching them helped cure Mommy’s grouchiness too!)

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