My Ethan

DSC_8654 internet copy

This is my Ethan. Ethan is now 3 years and 10 months. Ethan is fun. Ethan is tiring. Ethan is silly. Ethan is wild. Ethan is loud. Ethan is determined. Ethan is smart. Ethan is musical. Ethan is stubborn. Ethan is cuddly. Ethan is happy. Ethan is my baby boy.

Anthony pointed out to me that the next few weeks are my last with just Ethan by my side all day. The girls will be done with school for the summer and next year when school starts again he’ll be going right along side them. Shoot – how did the time pass so quickly? I swear it can’t be happening yet. As much as he wears me out and frustrates me there is so much more good than bad.

I am going to miss my little buddy next year. But until then I have 4 more weeks to make the most of and get all my snuggles and alone time in with my little boy while he’s still little.


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