Being four is fun!


Ethan has been anticipating his birthday for months. His excitement was so infectious that his older sisters got up early to decorate the house and help make breakfast. When we were all ready the birthday boy was still sound asleep so we decided to wake him up by singing him Happy Birthday.

He was so cute when he woke up, his eyes got really big and he said, “Am I 4 yet?!”

Yes buddy you are, and we can’t believe it!

DSC_9374 internet copy2

After breakfast we headed out to the beach, which has been his request for the past few months. Today there was a 50% chance of rain so I was worried his most specific request wouldn’t be able to happen, but I decided we would just head to the beach and even if we only got an hour before the rain set in. Before we went to our typical beach spot I bribed him (with a promise of McDonalds later) if he would let me take a few pictures by the pier. He said okay so off we went.

DSC_9359 internet copy

I got a lot of these faces (above), which are cute, but not exactly what I wanted. But he did give me a few good ones too.

DSC_9384 internet copy

Once we got under the pier Ethan was too busy splashing in the water to look at me much.


DSC_9396 internet copy

But I caught him a few times.

DSC_9458 internet copy

We all had so much fun celebrating Ethan’s birthday today.

We are so glad he is apart of our family, he makes life interesting and keeps us laughing.

DSC_9339 internet copy 

He makes life more of an adventure.

DSC_9345 internet copy     

Happy 4th birthday little guy, we hope you had a blast!

DSC_9504 internet copy DSC_9506 internet copy


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