Swim Lessons


This summer Bella decided to try out swimming. She was a good swimmer already but didn’t know the real techniques and all the strokes so we decided if she eventually wanted to do swim team we should put her in lessons to learn those things. After looking around at all the programs I decided we would do the lessons out at Sea World Aquatica. We have annual passes this year so I figured that after lessons we’d play a bit so it would make it fun for all the kids rather than just sitting for an hour a day waiting for Bella to finish practice.

It was really hard to get good pictures of the lessons. With the Olympics being on I think I was envisioning some awesome breast stroke picture (close to the water with her looking all intense, lol) – but well, she’s not an Olympian (yet) and because the lessons were held in the wave pool and her group was in the deepest part I was in no position to get such a shot anyway. Her instructors were pretty impressed with her skill to begin with and then in the 2nd session they were very happy with her progress and technique. So now the decision we have to make is do we move right into a year round swim team or do we take a break and just do a swim season.


So, going to a water park every day for 2 full weeks (done 3 weeks apart) sounds fun right? Well, it is, although its exhausting. I have to say both weeks I barely got anything else done around the house. We would only stay about 2 hours after her lessons but all of us would be so tired we’d spend the rest of the day laying around watching movies.

During lessons these two would play at the edge of the 2nd wave pool where I could see them.

DSC_0310 copy  

After lessons we’d head over to one of the kid areas of the park that is for kids 48 inches and smaller. You actually can’t go on most the slides if you’re taller so that disqualified Bella (Natalie BARELY makes it), but I think Bella didn’t mind because it gave her time to rest after her lessons. She could however go down this slide with her sister and brother because a person taller than 48 inches can ride it so long as one person is.

DSC_0330 copy DSC_0333 copy

Ethan loved this area of the park and I think he would play here for hours if myself and the girls didn’t pull him away for rides down the rapids.

DSC_0338 copy

I thought this series of pictures was funny when I saw it on my camera. I was standing on one place and continuously shooting as she flew down the slide. She was going pretty fast and these 3 were taken on frame after the other. I think the water splash is cool.



So, although I am glad to not have to go for an entire week again this summer I am glad we did it both for the skills Bella gained and also for the fun we had. Normally we go to our neighborhood pool daily during the summer and I realized last week because of our trip to Texas/Oklahoma (that post is still forth coming), beach trips and Aquatica days we haven’t been to that pool in 6 weeks. But, as you see from the picture below they don’t seem to be missing it too much. 

DSC_0355 copy


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